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A Recipe For Your Summer Watermelon Affair

When the heat is on, the chilled watermelon comes out. 🍉

While I’m not picky when it comes to fruit, watermelon holds a special place in my heart.

First, it grows well in Utah where I am from, and I love a good local source of food! There are famous melon markets in Green River, Utah – not far from Moab, that are a favorite around these parts.

Second, I have fond memories of eating watermelon when I was pregnant with my now almost 23 year old daughter. I mean, like half a watermelon with a spoon in one sitting. I crave watermelon. Anyone with me on this?

And finally, watermelon is so hydrating! We need extra fluids in the heat of summer, and it doesn’t all have to come from drinking water. You get water from fresh fruits and vegetables as well, and watermelon is one of the top sources of clean H2O.

Three solid reasons my heart is made of watermelon, for sure. Watermelon is easy to eat just as it is, but it’s fun to imbibe in new, fresh ways. This summer chill out with a frozen watermelon slushie powerhouse, like this one below. It is so refreshingly delicious it’s sure to give you a boost of happiness!

Summer Watermelon Elixir

2 cups chopped, frozen watermelon

1 cup fresh strawberries

1 chunk fresh aloe vera, skin removed

1 lime, peeled

A few fresh mint leaves + more for garnish

Blend well. Add a little coconut water if needed to get the consistency you are looking for.

Here’s a few handy, informative tips to keep in mind when you whip this up:

Strawberries – you can eat the green tops! Why not keep that little extra nutrition?

Aloe Vera – peel that green skin off. Don’t eat it, otherwise disaster pants. But the gel? You want that! It’s a secret treasure for gut health and is excellent for the skin.

Lime – you can juice it if you want, but feel free to just peel it and throw the whole thing in. Get the fiber along with the juice that way.

Mint – if you don’t have fresh mint a little mint extract is totally fine. Use what you’ve got.

This recipe may be simple but the nutrition content is enormous! You need plenty of phytonutrients in the summer and fresh fruit is so Gucci right now you have got to try it! 😎

Love & health,

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