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Want to make yoga a reality for all abilities?

I'll help.

If you're a teacher, caregiver, therapist or yogi who wants to get yourself OR the students & clients you work with moving - even with injuries, mobility impairment, or disability - I can help you with that.

How To Learn Adaptive Yoga With Abigail

Quite simply, I help you adapt yoga to include all physical abilities so that everyone's welcome at the yoga table.

Let's go a step further: mainstream yoga classes overlook people who don't fit the young & active mold. There are very few spaces for older adults & injured folks or people who use walkers, wheelchairs or canes. That's where adaptive yoga comes in.

As a stroke survivor, I know what it's like to lose mobility but still crave movement. When my stroke happened, there were no adaptive classes in my local area. That's why I'm passionate about making yoga accessible to people of all ages & abilities.

As a yoga teacher, I show up to class confident that I can help anyone modify yoga to suit the needs of their body. Everyone deserves to live fully in the body they have. 

And that includes making the experience of yoga available to all.

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Signature Well With Abigail Adaptive Yoga Experiences
Abigail teaches with HEART.

WIth such a diverse population on this planet, adaptive yoga is much needed in today's world. Being a brain injury survivor with hemiparesis with hopes of getting certified, I spent months trying to locate a studio that provided accessible yoga training close to home, then I found Abigail's program. Through her experience in the field and personal imprint, Abigail teaches with heart and it shows in her practice.

Elliot Frei, AVM Survivor

A big shout out to Abigail, Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire! I had foot surgery a year ago and continued to have pain after I thought my foot should be healed. I started doing yoga with Abigail and I was hooked. I've been meeting with her for yoga classes ever since. Not only has the pain in my foot been reduced...but my knee and hip pain gone as well. Abigail is a master at knowing which muscles to engage to reduce pain, to build strength, balance and flexibility. I highly recommend her yoga class to anyone interested in building a body that should work much better as we inevitably get older.


Carol Hinckley, Adaptive Student

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Adaptive YTT

Signature 20 hour adaptive yoga training

My flagship adaptive yoga training opens just once a year. I'm thrilled to be partnering with Park City Yoga Collective for this year's training experience. If you'd like to learn how to make yoga accessible for all physical abilities, including those living in wheelchairs or using walkers or canes, then this course is for you.  Includes 20 hours continuing education through Yoga Alliance for registered yoga teachers. Dates: TBA

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Adaptive Workshop

Condensed 8 hour adaptive yoga workshop

Wanna learn the basics of adaptive yoga, but don't have the time to invest in the signature training? This 8 hour workshop will give you all the foundational tools you need to get started teaching chair yoga classes.  Dates: 2024 coming soon...

Kristen Hall

"I have just finished a weekend of Adaptive Yoga Training with Abigail…what an inspiring and informative class it was! Abigail is a very gifted teacher and has such a passion for yoga and especially for Adaptive Yoga. I have come away inspired and determined to use these amazing adaptive techniques. Thank you Abigail for sharing your passion and has forever change the way I view yoga!"

Malia Littlefield

"I loved my Adaptive Yoga training with a Abigail. She is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, and creative. Learning how to teach yoga and make it accessible for every single body has helped me feel more confident as a new yoga teacher. So grateful for Abigail and the wealth of yoga goodness she shares with the community. 🙏🏽"

Erik Harding

"Abigail truly knows how to bring yoga to every level of physical ability. We didn't just find ways of looking like you are in the pose while using a chair but instead we found ways to stretch and strengthen the same muscles while seated — even if it looked very different than standing."

Adaptive Studio Classes


Mondays at 4PM

Hosted by Wasatch Adaptive Sports

FREE Zoom class!

Email me for the link.


Fridays at 9:30AM

Where: Alpine Balance Yoga

195 E 200 N, Alpine, UT 84004

(801) 376-4357

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