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Hi! I'm Abigail.

Welcome to my hub for all things health and wellness! My journey of health transformation began after suffering a stroke in 2012.

Life was suddenly topsy turvy. I lost the ability to walk. My balance, coordination and vision went kaput. With my health in dire straits, it was time for a return to well-being.

Healing and recovering became my number one priority, so I spent the last ten years figuring out the best yoga practices and nutrition techniques to live whole in my post-stroke body.

Know what it’s like to struggle with physical well-being? I’m dedicated to helping you unleash your greatest health and vitality by sharing the strategies that changed my life.


That’s what you’ll find here.

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I'm All About Adaptive Yoga.

Mainstream yoga has a huge opportunity to include people living with disability or loss of mobility, including older adults and people with injuries. That’s where adaptive yoga comes in.

Adaptive yoga looks physically different than a traditional class, but the fundamental principles still apply. Yoga isn’t just for the fit, young and active. All bodies, regardless of physical ability, deserve a place on the mat.

When I had my stroke more than a decade ago there were no adaptive yoga classes in my community. Nada.

That’s why I specialize in teaching adaptive yoga and why I train yoga teachers how to as well.

We need teachers and caretakers who create environments where yoga includes all abilities and all bodies.

My vision is to see adaptive yoga readily available as an option throughout Utah and beyond.

Yin is definitely in.

We live in a culture that rewards appearing successful, productive and hard-working over slowing down and resting. And while hard work is important to achieving goals, if we don’t allow time for recovery we suffer in the long run. 

I learned this the hard way. There came a point in my life when stress was overwhelming from working endless hours and rushing around trying to do everything I thought I should be doing. 

Maybe you can relate?

But then I had a stroke, which forced me to slow down and re-evaluate my lifestyle. To accept that running myself into the ground is NOT how I wanted my story to go. 

Choosing to improve my relationship with rest led me to discover yin yoga. This slow-paced practice invites you to stay with the pose for 2-5 minutes. To practice being present with your body without rushing off to the next pose. 

I found that yin yoga helped me feel more balanced in mind and body. Led me to be more resilient to stress while honoring when rest is important.  

As I’ve taught more and more yin yoga, students started sharing similar experiences. That this practice has helped them reduce overwhelm, create introspection, and complement the more challenging forms of movement. 

If you’d like to explore how yin yoga can add value to your life, both as a student and a teacher, then yin yoga teacher training is for you! 

Herbs are a few of my favorite things. 

Learning herbal remedies and nutrition techniques was important for upgrading my foundation of well-being after the stroke. I discovered how medicinal plants and foods can support energy, sleep, brain function, and the immune system. This empowered me to forge my own path to wellness rather than relying solely on doctors and drugs.

I also built a special relationship with tea that helped me to slow down, connect with myself, and appreciate time for meditation and contemplation. The qualities of tea enhance all of these aspects of life. If you're interested in tea ceremony, you can learn more about it here.

Some people shy away from herbalism because it is a broad and overwhelming field of nutrition. Are you one of them?

I make herbal nutrition simple and accessible by customizing recipes and remedies specific to your needs – so you don’t end up frittering money away on pointless products.

While my health was transformed by these strategies of yoga and nutrition, the most exciting part is how fans and clients say their well-being has also been transformed. I invite you to read their stories.

You deserve to eat well, move well, and be well too. If my work resonates with you, schedule a consultation, and let’s get started!

I'm currently only accepting Herbal Nutrition students by invitation and interest. Please email me for more information at 

Interested in learning more about my education?

E-RYT500 + YACEP Yoga Alliance Credentialed. I completed my:

  • 200 hour yoga training through Yoga Fit Worldwide

  • 300 hour yoga training through the Yoga Underground in Provo, Utah

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider Requirements

  • Adaptive Yoga certification with Mind Body Solutions

  • 200 hours Yin Yoga continuing education With Eva Hamilton & Jo Phee

  • Acupressure training with Dr. Chu

  • Qigong training with Marisa Cranfill of YOQI

  • Tea Ceremony training with Mariana de la Tierra & Kristina Clark

  • Biomechanics training with Katy Bowman

HHC, NH - I am a certified:

  • Holistic Health Coach graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Nutritional Herbalist graduate from the School of Natural Healing

When I'm not practicing yoga, you'll find me in my kitchen brewing up potions, hiking and playing in nature, or devouring my latest favorite wellness book. I live in Orem, Utah with my husband and three of our eight children.

Let's Chat!

Got questions? I love hearing from you! I'm happy to answer questions about any of my programs.


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