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Yin Yoga
Teacher Training

Everything you need to teach yin classes that open hearts & deepen mind/body connection. 

Pleasant Grove, Utah

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What Is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is the practice of creating still, supported postures with active sensation & stretching. Postures are held 2-5 minutes or more, allowing your tissues to acclimate.

This unique, meditative practice developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine theories of well being.

Whether you're a yoga teacher expanding your knowledge base or a student deepening your personal practice (or both!) this teacher training will transform your  idea of what a yoga practice can be.

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"I just finished the Yin Yoga Teacher Training course with Abigail and it was outstanding! It was so informative and inspiring. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in Yin Yoga. Abigail will improve your love for yoga!"

- Kristen Hall

"After taking the Yin yoga teacher training with Abigail I have come away with a new sense of wonder. Abigail teaches from a place of experience, understanding, deep knowledge and wisdom and has so much to share with the world. I would definitely take any of her classes again and recommend this training as well as any other of her trainings to anyone wanting to learn, grow and deepen their knowledge. Oh and you’ll have a blast while you’re at it!"

- Tifini Christen

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What You'll Learn In Yin Yoga Teacher Training

✔ The history & origins of yin yoga

✔ Yin & Yang theory from Taoism

✔ All about the Chinese Elements

✔ An understanding of the12 main meridian pathways

✔ Key acupressure points for the five Elements

✔ Fascia science & anatomy basics for yin yoga

✔ Yin poses & their variations

✔ How to use props for yin yoga

✔ Sequencing & theming your yin yoga classes

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"This Yin Training was a wonderful experience of community and sharing! Abigail, really organized it in such a way that we all felt at one. The sharing and learning atmosphere that she created was divine.

Her knowledge of the subject manner was excellent and her openness in sharing made learning an exciting exercise.

The manual is a gift that I shall cherish and go back to over and over again to continue my learning and understanding.

Extremely worth it!"

- Deb Arnell

"I had the great opportunity to participate in Abigail’s Yin Teacher Training. Abigail is an amazing teacher with a deep knowledge of yin yoga. Her abilities and her commitment to her students create a beautiful atmosphere where learning is accelerated and community can grow. I learned so much about yin yoga and received a great example about how to teach from Abigail. I can recommend her courses without any reservation to anyone."

- Michele Randall

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How does the training work? 

The Yin Yoga Teacher Training is currently a Utah-based,  in-person 32-hour continuing education course. Upon completing the course requirements, you receive a certificate and are eligible to receive continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance (for registered yoga teachers).

The training is four days over two weekends, typically from 9AM to 4PM. You'll have 3-4 hours homework between weeks and final assignments, which include a quiz, class plan, and teaching practicum. Full attendance and completion of assignments is required to certify, but don't worry! I'm here to support your success.

All students receive a beautiful, detailed manual to use for assignments and keep for reference.


You'll choose one day to stay later to participate in Traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Yin YTT grads cherish this experience. Sitting in circle for tea ceremony helps you embody the spirit of yin yoga in a unique and memorable way.

Hey yoga teacher, don't miss the next Yin Yoga Teacher Training!

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I just completed Abigail’s Yin YTT and it was more magical and in depth than I could’ve imagine in a span of just two weeks. It was so informative and helpful and I now know exactly what to do as a Yin teacher. I also found a new community of beautiful teachers and now great friends. I would recommend Abigail’s Yin YTT to anyone who’s considering it, really. You’ll get much more out of it than you expect!

- Mo Carter

What are the dates and location?

February 2023

Dates: Feb 10-11 & 24-25, 2023

Times: 9AM-5PM

Tuition: $480

Studio: Purify Wellness Center

1064 S North County Blvd #160

Pleasant Grove, Utah, 84062